How Do You Make A Clinical Collection? 4

The Lilly Clinical Open Innovation team is made up of scientists and technologists who apply open innovation principles to the world of clinical research.  We’re folks with computers in one hand and lab coats in the other.

Our mission includes making publicly-available clinical data more consumable for a mass audience, in ways that are easy to view and put to good use. To demonstrate, we’re excited to make available our first tool  – Clinical Collections

The Clinical Collections tool takes data published by the NIH on and makes it more consumable.  The data on is very useful, but not so easy to sift through and work with. Clinical Collections “webifies” clinical trials data so you can search, filter and visualize the data in a number of different views.

In addition, you can save your collections and views.  Just bookmark the URL and you can reuse and share your collections with others.  Soon there will be more options to add trials to your collection, and we’ll introduce a way to follow them. Imagine a kind of  Pinterest for clinical trial data.

For now, check out the video and give Clinical Collections a try at  It’s free and available for anyone to use.

How might you use Clinical Collections in your work?  Are there any features you’d like us add?  Please leave a comment below.


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