Open Innovation Can Transform Clinical Development 1

In his book Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology, Henry Chesbrough describes the centralized R&D departments of modern industry as “a series of fortified castles” behind whose walls the business of innovation is conducted in closely guarded secrecy. Forays outside the castle keep were rare. Visitors inside were equally so.

Numerous articles, blog posts, and interviews have made it clear that this approach to innovation in the biosciences — and in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically — is broken. In many cases, R&D budgets have been cut and research pipelines now focus on the most lucrative (or least risky) areas of development. The high cost of failed trials, regulatory pressures and even, perhaps, internal cultural habits have conspired to cause many companies to become risk-adverse.  Hundreds of new ideas die on the R&D vine as a result.

How can we fix this R&D issue? How can we apply new ways of thinking to our traditional practices? The answer, we believe, lies in the transformative potential of open innovation.

The LCOI mission: Beyond the castle walls

Lilly Clinical Open Innovation was founded on the belief that open innovation can transform clinical research and development. It is our mission to provide tools and capabilities to empower researchers, clinicians, patients, scientists — really anyone with a genuine interest — to use and generate publicly available data to further clinical research. Our team seeks to empower those who have knowledge to share it, as well as those who thirst for it to drink it in.  It’s a basic give and get model.  We invite you — the seekers, the finders, the curious, the people on the ground — to shape the work, use it to your own benefit and contribute to the benefit of others.

We believe that digital technologies are a powerful engine to drive an open network of resources and people.  We’re starting with making tools aligning to a 4C model in an Open Clinical Innovation Network

All tools will be available in the public, and Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication licensing will be leveraged to promote open information sharing.

We invite you to use, comment on, and help us make these tools.  See the video “How Do You Make A Clinical Collection“, and let us know how you can use or evolve our first tool, Clinical Collections.

Join Us

Finally, we invite you to help us realize our mission of creating an Open Clinical Innovation Network.  We look forward to earning your trust and contribution, and engaging with you to do better for patients.

Visit our projects page to see what we’re working on.

Follow LCOI on Twitter.

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