Sage Congress 2012 Reply

Sage Congress 2012April 20 & 21 is the 2012 Sage Congress at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.  The Lilly COI Team in Tom Krohn and Jerry Matczak will be participating and are looking forward to a few days with fellow life science innovators and leaders.  The Congress’ focus on “Building Better Models of Diseases Together – moving beyond the current medical information system and its rewards” will bring together about 240 leaders in shaping the future of collaborative, commons research. It is the third annual congress and we are honored to have been part of all three.   Tom is part of a panel and will assist in facilitating one of the working sub groups.  It is good to be part of a conference that produces collaborative work product, not just talks about the need for change.

Clinical CollectionsThe Lilly COI efforts in clinical development is a great complement to Sage’s focus on disease models and pre-clinical research.  Our current Clinical Collections tool enables researchers to easily find, filter and view clinical research relevant to their needs such as by disease.  Check out this intro video for a primer.  As we continue to develop capabilities and new open innovation models for clinical development, we’ll do so in a manner that allows cross platform linking and associations to the Sage Synapse platform.

Watch for a post congress blog post with our insights and thoughts for moving forward.

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