Presenting OI in Pharmaceutical Research AND Development 6

Most of what we see for open innovation (OI) in pharmaceutical R&D lies in research, often under the rubrique of “pre-competitive”.  While pre-competitive open innovation such as Lilly’s OIDD program is valid, I believe there is also a case and need for OI in the “competitive” landscape of clinical development.   (It’s all competitive in some manner.)

On 26 April, I will share my insights and case for bringing OI to the “D” of R&D.  My presentation is entitled Accelerating Clinical Development through Open Innovation and will help kickoff the 2-day Fleming Groupe’s Open Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D conference.  I’m also looking forward to chairing the opening session and connecting with fellow European innovation leaders.

Our Clinical Open Innovation is founded on the belief that drug development processes must improve, and that open innovation methods can be used to make clinical development better and faster. It is not a question of should we, but rather how can we work together to “raise all boats” and transform the clinical development processes for the industry.  Our program is focused on clearly licensed Commons, webified data and motivated people, in order to turn on a generative knowledge system for clinical development knowledge. For more details, check out our whitepaper and explore our first tool, Clinical Collections.

Please find the slide deck shared below, and I look forward to your feedback.


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  3. Excellent presentation! The numbers made me gasp a little, even though I’m familiar with the topic. Looking forward to seeing a lot more from you guys!

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