Top 10 takeaways from Sage Congress Reply

Sage Congress 2012Once again ~240 innovation leaders gathered for the 3rd Sage Congress in San Francisco.  I’ve been fortunate to attend all 3 congresses and found this one to be the most engaging and inspiring.   I agree with Xconomy’s post on Sage moving from thinking to doing, yet I found myself wanting more.

The 2 days together at Sage Congress is always full of energy and incredibly interesting people.  This congress brought in a more diverse set of speakers including an evening of Unplugged where 19 people gave passionate 6 minute inspiring stories.  By far, the most moving stories were personal stories where patients lives were impacted and changed.

Here are my top 10 reflections on the Congress.

10. There are a lot of willing people – the challenge and opportunity is servant leadership for collaborative progress.  Thanks, Stephen.

9. We need to stop chasing the same things and truly innovate on the margins.  Thanks again, Aled.

8. Time away from the office among like-yet-diverse-minded colleagues is refreshing.

7. Don’t stereotype or limit the crowd.  Just take a look at Adrien Treuille’s presentation on crowdsourcing science for proof.

6. When personal meets professional, magic happens.

5. We tend to talk too much about science, and not enough about environment changes that lead to engagement and collaboration.

4. We don’t need more talk about what’s broken.  Let’s stop talking about the challenges and work together to change them.

3. Inclusive leadership and inspiration trumps smart individuals.

2. It is amazing what a person or small group with a cause can accomplish.

1. Patient at the center – not science – is key to medical innovation.

May we all take the inspiration, insights and extended relationships to heart and move to action.

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