Instant Collections! 2

We all like instant gratification. We think public information should also be available in near instant fashion. As we’ve outlined in our post about building an Open Clinical Intelligence Network, we are enabling public data through “webification” in our collect phase of our 4C model. What does this do for you? Take a look at this video for a quick overview of how bookmarklets can greatly simplify the creation of collections and enable one to explore clinical research information on the fly.

In the next few weeks we will release the documentation on our developer API so that you’ll be able to tap into our platform directly.  We are looking forward to seeing how others can create value with public data.

Got ideas for other bookmarklets?  Drop a comment below.  Thanks.


  1. Nicely done! This is a very, very useful feature. Question: can the system then notify users of updates on a particular topic? Can it, for example, produce [current awareness] alerts using persistent search across multiple sources and use Boolean logic to filter for increased precision?

  2. Thanks Scott! You’re helping to foreshadow features we’ll be providing in the not too distant future. Both the notion of “following” clinical collections and then adding additional data sources beyond to query / filter against are in the works.

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