What’s In A Datapalooza? Reply


“What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare aside, as Lilly COI gets close to attending our first “Datapalooza” – in this case The Health Datapolooza sponsored by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services – I find myself wondering what exactly a Datapalooza is, what we might expect, what we might contribute and what we might gain.  We’re absolute newbies, and look forward to learning from those with experience.

The attendance list is impressive, with everyone from the largest of institutions (government, big pharma, big tech, big insurance, academia) to startup companies, citizen scientists and other interested parties.  497 different organizations are registered to attend. It’s a big tent.  And an open one. Only $200 to  attend, and open to anyone until the tent is full (which it now is).  If you aren’t attending, you can watch live at www.hdiforum.org. The democratized, open spirit of the Datapalooza resonates well with our Open Innovation efforts.

The program is weighted towards showing and doing, versus talking and selling.  There are the expected keynotes and featured speakers, all highly credentialed and relevant. But what stands out is that the majority of the two days is loaded with apps, apps and more apps.  App demos focused on Community, Consumers and Care.  App Expos.  More App demos. App Award ceremonies.

Being able to spend time exploring apps and interacting with builders/makers that create them is appealing, and essential to our intent to enable developers through tools, APIs and communities.  Although we’re not showcasing our apps at this datapalooza, they are freely available for use.  And we’ll be releasing our API very shortly.  We’ll see how it’s done, and meet people who know how to do it.  To connect with experienced data junkies and technologists will be both a lot of fun, and promises to be mutually beneficial.


Finally, we’re hoping to learn of others working in similar spaces.

We know there is plenty of work in discovery research, patient care, health outcomes, consumer and payer spaces.  We don’t know who else is looking at the clinical drug development space.  Perhaps we’ll find collaborators, contributors and partners who can help raise the tide for all ships.  Despite not knowing exactly what a Datapalooza is, there’s enough that smells right to be excited about participating.

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