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Note: this post is the 3rd in a series explaining our Clinical Collections tool and helping users learn more about what it can do.  Please find Guided walkthrough:Faceted Search here, and Guided walkthrough:Using map View to drill down here.

Last time, we discussed the Map view to see clinical trials plotted on a map. Today, we’re going to explore the timeline view, which gives a chronological map of sorts to visualize clinical trials.


With the huge library of data available through our system, we want to give our users as many ways to discover trials that would aid their research.

Let’s say, for example, you want to see all the tuberculosis trials that occurred in the 2000’s and filter to those which took place in the last half of the decade. How can you filter through dozens of search returns in a simple way? By showing an interactive timeline view, we’ve made this possible.

To see more, let’s dig in.

Plotting your timeline

To find the timeline view, let’s continue our tuberculosis user case from our series of posts. In this case, I’m searching for trials regarding tuberculosis. To see timeline view, simply select Timeline from the list of options at top of the search screen:

Timeline view

As a result, the timeline view will come, showing all the tuberculosis search results, plotted on a sharp looking timeline view.

Timeline plot

The timeline view allows you see the time span of the clinical trial from beginning to end, plotted on a timeline. The master timeline is shown at bottom and at top (viewable in the image above), you can see a timeline which is zoomed in to show a limited timeline that is viewable.

The timeline is color coded to shows trials in Phase 1, Phase 2 and so on.

When checking out the timeline, be sure to scroll to the left and right to view the entire list of trials that your search results have returned. Just as with regular search results and on map view, you can use faceted search to dramatically filter down your search returns.

Every time you make a change on the faceted search, the timeline view is refreshed to only show the results that match the filtered returns you’ve applied.  In this case, we’ve filtered on Phase 2 trials:

In closing

The timeline view can help you see the progression of clinical development filtered in a number of ways – compound, indication, sponsor, etc…   It can be a powerful tool to understand the path towards addressing disease, and we hope it can help you in your clinical planning and disease fighting activity.

We hope timeline view serves you well – if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch by leaving a comment below!

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