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What is the PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials?

PLoS hub logo

The PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials collects PLoS journal articles that relate to clinical trials. The Hub is a site for researchers to share their views and build a dynamic, interactive community.

The PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials features articles originally published in PLoS Clinical Trials, along with articles from all the PLoS titles that publish clinical trials.

In the future, it will also feature open-access articles from other journals plus user-generated content.”

Dynamic Maps Track Colorado Wildfires

A recent Emergency Management article featured this  timely mashup compiles geographic mapping of wildfire perimeter, weather data and social activity about the fires themselves.  Click the map image to go direct to the map.  Its a great way to follow the news.

Boehringer data competition produces academic-standard models in just three months

Gamification to solve pharma drug development problems?  Yes please. This PMLive article highlights the results of an external innovation experiment in pharma molecular models. Showcases Kaggle methods and how they can drive substantial results.

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