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Carnegie Mellon Smart Headlight Prototype Blacks Out Raindrops for a Clearer View of the Road

Driving in the rain may become a bit easier depending on the development of Carnegie Mellon‘s smart headlight concept. 

“Researchers from Carnegie Mellon have developed a prototype smart headlight which blots out individual drops of rain or snow — improving vision by up to 90 percent.”

Universal Speech Translator App Ready for Olympics

Are we one step closer to the universal translator?  Is there a Babel Fish around the corner? This NewScientist article discusses the new iPhone translation app developed by  the Universal Speech Translation Advanced Research Consortium (U-STAR)and its impact on the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London.

2012 Disease maps from the CDC

These maps are a great example of the public that is available and just waiting to be mashed up with additional data sources.  Scan the country for positive test results for diseases by affected population, human, bird, mosquito etc.

Graffiti Battery Lets You Spray Paint Power Supply

“Run out of batteries? Just spray-paint some new ones. Researchers have created five sprayable paints that form a lithium-ion battery when layered together, letting you store energy on walls, tiles or even your favourite mug.”

Agile in a Flash Premature Passes: Why You Might be Getting Green on Red

Explore eight possible reasons your test is passing before you’ve written the code.

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