A Patient View of Clinical Collections 1

Today we’re going to take a look at the Clinical Collections tool from the point of view of the patient.  Patients (as well as their family members) have a unique, personal perspective on disease, and many quickly become experts in their own right. They tend to put in a lot of hours on- and off-line, reading research materials and talking to other people to get answers and help.  With an ability to provide unique views of clinical trial research from clinicaltrials.gov, Clinical Collections can help build valuable knowledge.

Where Clinical Collections helps all kinds of researchers – physicians, scientists, and clinicians – pull together relevant data for their work, our team has found that the tool is also valuable for patients and others who are doing research of their own.  Take a look as we walk through Clinical Collections with the eyes of two patients, one who simply wants to pull together relevant information, and one who is looking to be involved in a clinical trial close to their home.

Thanks for taking a look at our free and open Clinical Collections tool, and know you can find more detailed help here.  We think that patients as well as seasoned researchers will find that it makes finding the clinical data they need faster and simpler.  We are continually looking for ways to improve the system, to add new features and make the experience as smooth as possible for anyone who uses it.

How might you use Clinical Collections?  What would you like to see? Drop us a comment and help drive forward new valuable capabilities.

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