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Big week for Data

Brought to book
Academic journals face a radical shake-up

Britain and the EU open data for taxpayer financed research.

A revolution, then, has begun. Technology permits it; researchers and politicians want it.

figshare and F1000 research shake up traditional academic publishing format

Research Articles go live with their associated data. Is this the future of academic publishing?

Hidden Features of Python

Our developers found this handy list of features for Python in stackoverflow.  From Ternary expression to Argument unpacking its a quick and easy reference.

Health Tap Innovates to Provide Better Access

Innovative application that connects members, medical professionals and health information.

For members, we connect you directly with the best health information and the best doctors, from your mobile device or on the web. Here at HealthTap, there’s no waiting room.

For doctors, we give you the opportunity and tools to build your online and real-world reputation while making a difference. Attract new patients while also improving the quality of health information online.

There and Back Again: A Packet’s Tale – How does the Internet work?

Disruptive Innovation To Advance Clinical Trials

We like a little disruption :-).  Lilly COI has joined the speaking panel for this Disruptive Innovation event taking place in Boston, MA on September 13-14.  Join Tom Krohn and Jerry Matczak at the event, featuring:

  • 30 examples and case studies on bold innovation for real changes in clinical trial advancements
  • Exhibiting- leading vendors in the disruptive clinical trial space
  • Training on the key creative behaviors that drive innovation rather than process
  • Keynote from  NASA on creativity collaboration and innovation
  • Specialized sessions in patient recruitment and physician involvement
  • One-on-one meeting services and space for networking

For agenda details and to register, visit  www.dpharmconference.com

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