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The White House Publishes on GitHub

The White House published its first open source application, a Drupal app on GitHub, We The People .

Among our commitments, we’re launching a new online tool — called “We the People” — to allow Americans to directly petition the White House, and we’ll share that technology so any government in the world can enable its citizens to do the same.

— President Barack Obama, September 20, 2011

MedSpeak Medical Translator

MedSpeak provides written and audio recordings of common questions and commands to help communicate with patients who do not speak English as a first language.

Prizes total $40K in this Merck Molecular Activity Challenge

When developing new medicines it is important to identify molecules that are highly active toward their intended targets but not toward other targets that might cause side effects. The objective of this competition is to identify the best statistical techniques for predicting biological activities of different molecules, both on- and off-target, given numerical descriptors generated from their chemical structures.

Send Instagram to Dropbox for a cool Apple TV screen saver

Use Instagram?  Have an Apple TV? Familiar with DropBox?  All these things together create a streaming viewer for your Instagram photos.  Read how.


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