Disruptive Innovation in Pharma – Time to get on board! 2

Is pharma willing to disrupt itself?  What does disruption look like in pharma?  If a change is good for everyone, is it really disruptive?  These and other questions were explored during the 2 day Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials Conference in Boston last month.

Envisualization by Jonny Goldstein

Envisualization by Jonny Goldstein

I had the pleasure of leading off the conference with a presentation entitled “Disruptive Innovation – Moving Beyond the Talk”.  The presentation is available below.  The core of the presentation was to challenge the conference participants to look beyond incremental improvements and current status quo mindsets of how we see the drug development pipeline.  Our business model is unsustainable and the choice is ours to lead in bringing greater value to patients and healthcare.

I believe we have real and tangible transformation options to explore. From enabling open data utilization to opening up traditionally closed business processes such as protocol design, we need to look at both enabling others to innovate and getting on with the change ourselves.  It is a question of will and leadership.

For the doubters out there that change can happen, I encourage you to look at the swell of patient-driven innovation.  You can see it happening in citizen scientist efforts, in disease foundation research such as MMRF’s Compass Study, in self-organizing patients on platforms like Patients Like Me and in patient advocacy efforts like The Walking Gallery and the Partnership WITH Patients Summit.

It isn’t a question IF change is happening, it is what will pharma do in light of it.  We are committed to open innovation in clinical research. We look forward to enabling and collaborating with others to accelerate clinical research and greater meet patient needs.

As my final slide shows, we are on an island and the tide is rising.  The boat of change is docked, but will soon leave.  It’s time to get on board.

Your comments, ideas and thoughts are welcome.


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