We Like… 2

Prior Knowledge: A Predictive Database for Developers

Uber nerds are scarce.  This database helps fill in the gaps and assist developers in understanding how to use data.

Treato the Voice of the Patient

In The Power of Patient Feedback :

Currently in beta, the site ( http://www.treato.com/) lets visitors search Treato’s big data patient compendium by brand, to find out what people are “saying” online. With the goal of identifying product weaknesses, or headspace for innovation, PharmExec used Treato to survey some of the best selling drugs across a handful of therapeutic areas.

No Tube: bringing Web and TV closer together

iPhone glamour, functionality meets the diabetic insulin pump

As the first FDA-cleared touchscreen insulin pump, it is no ordinary medical device.Not only does it boast a touchscreen, the display is also in color with the goal of creating an user friendly interface and is the first insulin pump with a micro USB port and rechargeable batteries. The micro USB port facilitates easy data uploads to t:connect, Tandem Diabetes’ data management software.


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