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Datamob –  Public Data Put to Good Use

Datamob currently lists 227 data sources, 165 apps and 66 resources, which are categorized by 67 tags. It’s sort of like this:

Datamob aims to show, in a very simple way, how public data sources can be used. We believe good things happen when governments and public institutions make data available in developer-friendly formats. Things that can help save us from bad government and bad decisions. We’re out to find the good things, and get developers excited about the data.

Device Helps Children with Disabilities Access Tablets

Ayanna Howard, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and graduate student Hae Won Park have created Access4Kids, a wireless input device that uses a sensor system to translate physical movements into fine-motor gestures to control a tablet.

Automated drug design using synthetic DNA self-assembly

Pharmaceutical molecules after self-assembly. The detail shows a single molecule, made up of strands of DNA (credit: Parabon NanoLabs)

Using a simple “drag-and-drop” computer interface and DNA self-assembly techniques, Parabon NanoLabs researchers have developed a new automated method of drug development that could reduce the time required to create and test medications, with the support of an NSF Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships grant.

Open Source Resources for Web Developers

Functionn is a blog dedicated to share top quality web resources for web developers and web designers alike.  We collect the best resources from around the web like JavaScript libraries, fonts, templates, themes and more and post them here regularly for you to consume without having to look for them yourself.

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