We Like January 25: Introducing Zotero, the art of interruption and mobile e-records Reply

Zotero is here to help you organize your research



Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. We’ve found it to be especially useful when trying to scale references for information inclusion into Wikipedia.

Programmer Interrupted



I’m writing this post in an apt state: low-sleep, busy, disorientated, and interrupted. I try all the remedies: Pomodoroworking in coffee shopsheadphones, and avoiding work until beingdistraction free in the late night.

But it is only so long before interruption finds a way to pierce my protective bubble. Like you, I am programmer, interrupted. Unfortunately, our understanding of interruption and remedies for them are not too far from homeopathic cures and bloodletting leeches.

E-Medical Records Get A Mobile, Open-Sourced Overhaul By White House Health Design Challenge Winners

Source: techcrunch.com

Source: techcrunch.com

The standard electronic medical record is a confusing, text-heavy computer read-out. But the winners of Designer Fund and the White House’s Health Design Challenge have created beautiful, comprehensible, mobile versions. Soon, a combination of the best of the submissions will be open-sourced and implemented as the record format for the Veterans Affair Administration and its 6 million patients.

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