We Like: February 1: Wilbanks on Minnesota Public Radio, Vaccines through tattoos and an open alternative to AirPlay Reply

John Wilbanks speaks on Minnesota Public Radio

Human Genome

Effectively storing medical data while safeguarding patient privacy is an issue central to the work of both John Wilbanks and Dr. William Yasnoff.

Yasnoff and Wilbanks both support the idea of pooling medical research and records, including personal information about genomes and disease risk, and making that pool of information available to health researchers.

They join The Daily Circuit Thursday, Jan. 24 to discuss the ways in which we can use health care information for the common good.

Peptide depots and DNA tattoos could deliver drugs in the future


The revolution in biotechnology has generated a lot of potential therapies that could avoid some of the problems of traditional medicine. Proteins manufactured in bacteria can supplement natural proteins; DNA-based vaccines can make immunity more specific while lasting for months at room temperature.

Most of these, however, haven’t always worked out well in the real world. Proteins need to be injected to avoid the digestive system, but are often cleared from the blood quickly enough that repeated injections are needed. DNA vaccines work great, provided you can get the DNA into cells, which has turned out to be a significant technical hurdle.

The story behind DIAL: How Netflix and YouTube want to take on AirPlay

AirPlay on an iPad

Photo Credit: smjbk via Compfight cc

Netflix and YouTube have teamed up to launch DIAL, a protocol that helps developers of second-screen apps to discover and launch applications on smart TVs and connected devices. The effort is already getting support from a number of notable players, including Samsung, Sony, Hulu and the BBC. DIAL could become a key piece in efforts to establish an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay.

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