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Urine sample app lets users detect diseases with iPhones

The Uchek app lets users take urine samples with their smartphones.

Ever thought a smartphone could detect what was in your urine? Well, now it can. A new iPhone app, developed by MIT entrepreneur Myshkin Ingawale and unveiled at the TED conference this week, lets people take urine samples with their mobile device.

Obviously, pee and electronics don’t mix, so this app instead uses the smartphone’s camera to determine what’s in urine. Dubbed Uchek, the app involves the user peeing into a cup, putting a color-coded urinalysis strip into the cup, taking of photo of the results, and then letting the app work its magic.

The City of Chicago Is On Github

Photo Credit: MPBecker via Compfight cc

Recently the City of Chicago released five datasets under an open source MIT License on GitHub.

The datasets released are:

  1. Street center lines in Chicago
  2. Building footprints in Chicago
  3. Bike routes in Chicago
  4. Pedway routes in Chicago
  5. Bike rack locations in Chicago

How to build a news app that never goes down and costs you practically nothing


I’ve been on the NPR apps team for a little over a month now. I’ll be real – it’s been pretty dope.

We launched a slideshow showcasing the family photos of Justice Sotomayor, an inauguration appusing Tumblr, and we just wrapped up our State of the Union live coverage.

And we did it all in the open.

But the thing that really blew my mind is this: We’re only running two servers. These two servers let us build news applications that never go down and cost very little (here’s looking at you, S3). Exhibit A: NPR’s elections site only required a single server for running cron jobs — and was rock solid throughout election night. Even in 8-bit mode.

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