We Like, March 16: Cancer, innovation and Jack, The Bay Bridge lights up and the big deal about patients 1

Cancer, Innovation and a Boy Named Jack

I’d like you to meet Jack Andraka. It’s a name you will be hearing a lot about–today, tomorrow and in the future.

Jack is a scientist and  innovator.  And his work on creating a simple test for the identification of pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancer is simply amazing.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge lights up the night

25,000 twinkling LED lights come to life lighting up the night in the Best City Ever. Artist Leo Villareal threw the switch and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge glowed and shimmered against a rainy night sky. The art project on the bridge is slated to last two years, but many want it to be a permanent attraction.

What’s the big deal about patients?


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been speaking with a number of “ePatients” (empowered patients) about their experiences in healthcare, what they think about digital health, how they interact with providers, and a host of other issues. I’ve felt so lucky to be able to have these conversations, and as the CEO of a digital health company I realize how important it is to continue to think about all sides of the healthcare equation. It’s really easy to get tunnel vision in this business!

The physician who introduced me to these individuals – who is, himself, passionate about promoting the role of patients in the healthcare process – sent me an email today asking me the questions below. And these are my answers.

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