We Like, April13: Open Innovation at NASA, iWatch to Measure more than Time, Connecting Health with Google Glass, and Google Fiber as a Catalyst for Start-Ups Reply

How Open Innovation is Solving Some of NASA’s Trickiest Problems


As head of the Human Health and Performance Directorate at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Dr. Jeffrey Davis leads a team with a very unique charge: They are tasked with solving human health issues — in outer space.

In all, Davis’ team is dealing with about 45 different health problems related to long-duration space flight — everything from bone loss and muscle decay to water recycling and food preservation.

Apple’s iWatch Will Measure More than Time

Have you recently noticed all the journalistic detective work about the watch that Apple is developing?

Using unnamed company sources, patent filing analysis, and other sleuthing methods, technology writers have sketched a number of hypotheses about the appearance and material features of the soon-to-launch product. In particular, the NY Times and Wired suspect that Apple will use curved glass as a key design feature.

Is Google Glass the Future of Connected Health?

Google Glass7 possibilities that Google Glass could unlock for connected health to enhance the transformation of health care.

In just a few months, Google’s ambitious project, Google Glass will be made freely available to consumers globally. Already, the promotional videos viewable on the Google Glass website have caused quite a stir within the interwebs.

Google Fiber as a Catalyst for Home Start-Ups

google-fiberBy providing individual residences with top-tier Internet connectivity, Google Fiber has sparked real momentum in Kansas City’s entrepreneurial sector.

That’s according to Matthew Marcus, co-founder of the Kansas City startup community LocalRuckus.com.

Marcus didn’t even have Google Fiber in mind when building the business that he co-founded with Adam Arredondo. Now he says new startups from locations across the United States are looking to come to his town.

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