We Like, April 19th: Using Brain Waves to Block Calls, Crowdsourced Stock Market Advice, and 4-D Printing Reply

App Uses Brain Waves to Block Calls

tech_innovator17__01__630x420Neuroscientist and former software engineer Ruggero Scorcioni found himself consistently distracted by the phone while he was trying to work. “If I’m busy coding or thinking about research and have phone calls coming in, it’s hard to get back into the same mental state,” says Scorcioni, 42. “Maybe you had a great idea, but then it’s gone.” In January, on a whim, he entered an AT&T app-development hackathon, and came up with a solution.

Robinhood: Crowdsourced Stock Market Advice App


Most people are too scared to seriously play the stock market. Few amateurs know enough to confidently invest on their own. Luckily, free iOS app Robinhood launches today to put crowdsourced finance wisdom in your pocket. Track stocks, view advice on what to buy or sell from other users, share your predictions, and build a reputation. Robinhood could turn a new generation into investors.

Think 3-D Printing is cool? Try 4-D Printing

4-D Printing

(CNN) — Video producer’s note: You’ve heard of 3-D printing, the process of using a specialized printer to create real-world objects from computer models. Now there’s something new on the horizon that could revolutionize this burgeoning technology: 4-D printing.

At TED 2013, senior fellow Skylar Tibbits sat down with CNN Ideasto further explain this mysterious fourth dimension in printing technology. He also provided us with visual examples from his Self-Assembly Lab, MIT. See how it all works in the video above.

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