We Like May 4th: Engaging Online Crowds in the Classroom, The Great Inflection of Clinical Trials, Sanford Health’s Clinical Trial Website 1

Engaging Online Crowds in the Classroom

Collect Insights

From Carnegie Mellon News

PITTSBURGH-Online crowds can be an important tool for teaching the ins and outs of innovation, educators at Carnegie Mellon University and Northwestern University say, even when the quality of the feedback provided by online sources doesn’t always match the quantity.

In a pilot study that invited the crowd into their classrooms, Carnegie Mellon and Northwestern instructors found that input from social media and other crowdsourcing sites helped the students identify human needs for products or services, generate large quantities of ideas, and ease some aspects of testing those ideas.

Partnerships 2013: The Great Inflection of Clinical Trials

From RebarInteractive.com

From RebarInteractive.com

The concept of “leaning in” has generated a lot of discussion recently. This discussion was spurred by Sheryl Sandberg’s book about women in the workforce, titled Lean In.

I have yet to read Sandberg’s book, but I’ve long embraced the concept of “leaning in” when it comes to change and uncertainty. If you own a business, and particularly a technology oriented business, that attitude is somewhat necessary.

Sanford Offers Clinical Trials Website

From commons.wikimedia.org

From commons.wikimedia.org

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO AM) – Sanford Health has launched a clinical trials website so potential participants can identify programs they may enroll in.

Research Vice President Doctor David Pearce says Sanford has more that 150 open trials and more that 350 ongoing clinical trials.

Pearce says eligible participants would have access to innovative treatments.  He says the clinical trial should be, in most cases, the standard of care anyway.  He says doctors and researchers are always trying to improve treatments, whether that means being more effective or shortening a patient’s hospital stay.

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