We Like May 25th: Smartphones as Memory Aids, Mathematician Solves Centuries-Old Problem, and 3D Printer Saves Child’s Life Reply

For MS Sufferers: Smartphones as Memory Aids


Photo adapted from http://www.healthline.com

Smartphone apps to store your grocery list, find your car, and remind you to take your medication can help combat memory loss caused by multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients often struggle to keep track of doctor’s appointments, children’s school trips, and other elements of a busy, 21st-century schedule. But a new slate of digital tools can help patients with this neurological condition control the chaos and keep helpful reminders at their fingertips…

Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers


On April 17, a paper arrived in the inbox of Annals of Mathematics, one of the discipline’s preeminent journals. Written by a mathematician virtually unknown to the experts in his field — a 50-something lecturer at the University of New Hampshire named Yitang Zhang — the paper claimed to have taken a huge step forward in understanding one of mathematics’ oldest problems, the twin primes conjecture…

Doctor’s 3D Print An Emergency Airway Tube to Save Child’s Life

Child's LifeScore one for technology: Doctors 3D-printed an emergency airway tube that saved a 20-month old baby boy’s life. After imaging the boy’s faulty windpipe, doctors at the C.S. Mot Children’s Hospital printed 100 tiny tubes and laser-stitched them together over the trachea…

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