2013 Disruptive Innovations in Pharma Conference 3

After a quiet summer, I’m looking forward to attending some great conferences in the fall, one of which is Disruptive Innovations in Pharma (DPharm).


What I like about DPharm is that it’s focused on true innovation and real change for the industry. The conference is set up to allow participants to delve deeply into the key strategic factors impeding clinical trial productivity. It also allows a tremendous opportunity to make and grow relationships, which to me, is the most valuable aspect of attending any conference.

It’s been great to connect with people like Tomaz Sablinski of TLC  and  talk about what it really means to disrupt the current drug development model.  I also have benefited from seeing other conference participants share examples of innovations they have tried and are currently trying in their efforts to disrupt clinical trials and advance research.

Last year, I had the honor of leading off the conference with a presentation entitled “Disruptive Innovation – Moving Beyond the Talk,” in which I challenged conference participants to look beyond incremental improvements and current status quo mindsets in the drug development pipeline. This year, Jeff Kasher, Lilly COI sponsor and Vice President of Clinical Trial Materials, Implementation and Transformation, is co-chairing the event along with Andreas Koester of Janssen, Craig Lipset of Pfizer, and John Orloff of Novartis. I’m looking forward to seeing their presentations about and hearing their ideas on how we can continue to challenge the status quo and find ways to better connect with patients and improve their healthcare experiences.

I’m encouraged to see the beginnings of needed change in our industry, but we still have a ways to go. The current tweaking of the processes isn’t yet yielding the scientific, business or patient results we need.  Let’s work together to take more bold steps toward reinvention. I’m looking forward to seeing you at DPharm 2013!

If you’re interested in attending the conference, you can register here and get a 15% discount with the code: LCOI15.


  1. Thank you for all Lilly COI is doing to help change the face of clinical trials…remember, keep ALS as the gold standard! Safe travels.

  2. I’m looking forward to updates this fall! It seems that sponsors need to better define what is confidential IP and the industry needs to better understand if that confidential IP is actually leading to a competitive advantage. Obviously, there are industries which “patent everything, keep it secret” works very well and defines companies, however, it appears that this model isn’t a great rule of thumb in pharma.

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