We Like: Hackathons, WattsUpDoc and Research for Her 1

Hackathons: A Launchpad for App Innovation


Earlier this year, Singly put together an infographic that aimed to quantify the growing ubiquity of hackathons. 2012 brought 1170 hackathons, an average of 22 per week, leading the bloggers to declare it the year they truly became a global phenomenon. They also found that no longer are hackathons “just hackathons.” From civics to mobile to hardware to music, hyper-focused hackathons have picked up steam. We hosted one such focused hackathon, Hoosier Code 4 Health, earlier this year.


Photo by Saginaw Future Inc.

Photo by Saginaw Future Inc.

Hospital rooms beep and flash with many devices that are increasingly getting infected with malware, because for several reasons, these gadgets are often incompatible with commercial security software. Now, new technology  called WattsUpDoc, developed by academic researchers based on work involving University of Michigan researcher Kevin Fu, could catch most malware on the devices just by noting subtle changes in their power consumption. This could give hospitals a quick way to spot equipment with dangerous vulnerabilities and take the machines offline. The technology could also apply to computer workstations used in industrial control settings such as power plants. (Source: MIT Technology Review)

Research for Her


Cedars-Sinai’s intiative “Research for Her” was launched to help researchers address Important questions about women’s health that often go unanswered today because women have historically been underrepresented in medical research. Women also have cancers that are unique to their gender, and that have only recently become a part of clinical research. The hospital’s research staff is making a concerted effort to invite women to participate in research, so that they can contribute to improving the health and well-being of all women. The website allows women to see a full list of current Cedars-Sinai clinical trials and sign up for a registry. (Source: Cedars-Sinai)

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