A Note About our API… Reply

(Editor’s Note: In 2015, leadership of the LCOI-API was transitioned to TrialReach. You can learn more about their continuing work in innovation in clinical trial matching at TrialReach.com.)


As of Oct. 4, services have been restored to ClinicalTrials.gov, but at a minimal capacity. According to an update to their home page, “Information will be updated to the extent possible, with priority given to processing registrations of new trials and critical updates to existing entries, such as trial status and contact information for enrollment. The agency will attempt to respond to urgent operational inquiries.”


If you are currently using our API to fuel your web or software applications, please note that due to the recent U.S. government shutdown, the data you receive may not be completely up-to-date.

Our API draws data sourced from ClinicalTrials.gov—a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health—and transforms it into a format developers of web applications can more easily use.  According to an update recently posted to the site, they may not be able to provide any updates until normal business operations resume:


We don’t anticipate that this will result in any disruption of service from our API. It only means that information about new clinical trials or the changing status of current clinical trials may not be readily available through our API, or through the ClinicalTrials.gov website itself, until the government’s funding issues are resolved.

Also, please note that our Clinical Collections mash-up application uses our API to access clinical trial data. So, if you use that application to obtain clinical trial information, you will encounter the same issue as users of our API.

If you are experiencing any problems with our API, or have any questions about it, please contact us, or drop a comment below.

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