Winners Selected in Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign Challenge! 3

Earlier this summer, we invited patients, healthcare professionals, web developers and designers to show us how they would present information about clinical trials is a more engaging and patient-friendly way through our Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign Challenge.

Today, we are pleased to announce the winners of that challenge. The eight submissions below represent the most innovative and user-friendly approaches to presenting clinical trial information, according to our judging panel of patient advocates and healthcare professionals; and, in the case of the Popular Vote Award, according to the public. The teams and  individuals who were selected were able to take complex, highly-technical, industry-focused  clinical trial documents and transform them into interactive, engaging, patient-focused platforms for discovering and understanding clinical research.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank our judges for this challenge, who volunteered their time, skill and insight to helping us select the winners. Read more about each of them and their unique qualifications on the ChallengePost site.

And the Winners Are…

Grand Prize : Spread the Cure


Spread the Cure was designed by Hassan Seguias and Shajah Junco based on the notion that “great experiences lead to understanding.” Their aim was to make the experience of exploring clinical trial information more like the experience of reading a book or magazine. They carefully broke down the components of the standard clinical trial protocol and informed consent document, and arranged them in a way that tells a story. The results are an experience that feels much more natural and intuitive to the patient. As the grand prize winner, the team was awarded a $35,000 prize.

Second Prize ($20,000): DireCT

DireCT Mobile ApplicationDireCT is a mobile application designed by Composite Apps, that aims to ease the process of finding the perfect clinical trial for patients. The interface is designed to make it simple for patients to get clinical trial information without the need to wrestle with cumbersome technical documents. As the second prize winner, Composite Apps was awarded $20,000.

Third Prize: Sky & Meadows

ThirdPrizeThe goal of Shawn Dai’s redesign is to “allow patients to quickly and easily determine whether a specific study is suitable for them.” In order to do that, the designers worked to strike a balance between highlighting key characteristics of the study and providing an easy-to-follow narrative of its details. As the third prize winner Shawn was awarded $10,000.

Honorable Mention: CLINFORM.ed 

HonorableMentionCLINFORM.ed, designed by Nandita Chakravarti, is a mobile app that facilitates the sharing of clinical trial information between researchers, physicians and patients. The app is made up of two parts. In Part 1, the patient learns about the clinical trial and makes an informed decision about whether or not to participate. In Part 2, the patient can, while participating in the trial,  access a personalized dashboard to keep track of upcoming visits and medication, and also access results when they are available. The designer received a $3,000 prize along with her Honorable Mention.

Honorable Mention: Clinico

HonorableMention2Clinico is a mobile app for iPhones that was developed by Karel Vuong. It is designed to simplify the patient’s process of finding trials for which he is eligible and determining which is right for him. Once the patient does join a study, it will follow him through each and provide updates on the current status fo the study. As an Honorable Mention award winner, Karel received a $3,000 prize.

Honorable Mention: Epidemia

HonorableMention3Epidemia was designed by Jared Shenson in an effort redefine the clinical trial experience for patients by placing their needs at the center.  The website’s aim is to enable patients to make informed decisions about their participation, while also making it easier for them to enroll. Along with the honorable mention, Jared will receive a $3,000 prize.

Large Organization Recognition Award: Studies made simple

LargeOrgAwardStudies made simple, submitted by healthcare-focused advertising agency Langland, seeks to simplify the “dense and often difficult-to-digest information” presented to patients who are exploring clinical research. With this in mind, they set out to design a website that translates complex concepts in a more intuitive, patient-friendly way. As an organization with more than 50 employees, Langland was not eligible for a cash prize, but their outstanding contribution has been recognized with the Large Organization Recognition Award.

Popular Choice Award: “Tearing Down the Walls” to Clinical Trial Access

PopularChoiceMost of the awards in the challenge were selected by our panel of expert judges. But, we also felt it was important to allow the larger patient and healthcare provider community to have its say. So, we offered a “Popular Choice” award and asked the public to vote for their favorite designs through the ChallengePost site. The winner, “Tearing Down the Walls” to Clinical Trial Access, submitted by CureLauncher, aims to “empower patients by having their best interests in mind.” Their website offers a more streamlined approach to current websites that provide information about clinical trials. As the Popular Choice Award Winner, CureLauncher received a $1,000 prize.

The Next Level

When we decided to sponsor this challenge we had two goals in mind. One, was to encourage talented healthcare and IT professionals to contribute to improving the way patients experience the process of searching for, learning about and participating in clinical trials. And, given the large number of impressive submission we received through the challenge, we feel that we’ve met that goal.

The other, and perhaps even more important goal, is to allow the ideas generated through the challenge to grow into real-life applications that others can use to make clinical trials more patient-friendly. As per terms of the challenge, all submitted designs are available to the public through a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License. This means that you are welcome to take any one idea–or even a mashup of several ideas!–and use them to design your own patient-friendly websites, apps and documents. Feel free to discuss your ideas in the challenge’s discussion forum or here in the comments section on our blog. And, stay tuned for news about future challenges pertaining to patient engagement in clinical research.


  1. Obrigada from Brazil. Appreciate everyone’s contribution to making clinical trial design more inclusive and easier to use! Thanks LCOI for presenting the challenge!

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