Patient Engagement App Challenge 4

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At Lilly COI, our intent is to transform clinical development through patient focused efforts, and explore open innovation methods to do so.

Our approach

Our overall approach is multifaceted: We’re learning from patient advocates about how to use social media to connect online with patients, caregivers and communities to bring valuable insights into clinical research; we attend conferences and have hosted a workshop to drive shared learning and generate ideas; and, we’ve created public prototypes and put out the open LCOI-API  to surface information about clinical trials.  (Editor’s Note: In 2015, leadership of the LCOI-API was transitioned to TrialReach. You can learn more about their continuing work in innovation in clinical trial matching at Most recently, we announced a collaboration with other pharma to develop a capability to enable patients to match to clinical trials.

We’ve also sought out opportunities to source innovative ideas to help move the industry towards a common goal of improving the patient experience. One such way has been our sponsorship and promotion of challenges.

The Latest: Patient Engagement App Challenge

In November we announced the winners for the Clinical Trial Redesign Challenge live at our Patients-at-the-Center of Clinical 

Research conference.  The challenge was for designers and developers to re-imagine clinical trial information in a patient-centric way, and to support patients who are considering enrolling in a study.

Continuing in our innovation work, we are excited to announce our joining with a number of partners to sponsor the Patient Engagement App Challenge.  UBC, Enlight BioSciences the Partnership In Clinical Trials conference  and Lilly COI  are calling for innovative applications that can help patients who are in a clinical trial.

The availability of and advances in Health IT can serve developers, citizen scientists and patients to help create a clinical trial experience that enables greater patient education, communication, scheduling, medication adherence and more.

Why it’s important

When asked why this new challenge was important, Tom Krohn, Director of Clinical Open Innovation at Lilly, had this to say:


“Clinical trials represent the core of new medicine development for safe and efficacious treatments.  Yet, there is a real challenge in people staying in clinical trials. According to a recent CenterWatch analysis, only about 70 percent of participants completed phase 3 clinical trials.  Because of this, clinical trial costs continue to rise and timelines are extended.  While there are many reasons why a participant may drop out of a trial, it is also clear that through improved engagement during the study, retention rates can rise.  This is where app designers come in.”

Before you get started, we recommend connecting with some of the people your app will be designed to help. Seek out people who have been involved in clinical trials. Talk to professionals at your nearest regional clinics and hospitals. Listen carefully to their ideas and insights.  Identify the challenges patients and caregivers face and create solutions that work from their point of view.  If you need datasets, or a few ideas to help jump start your creativity, check out the ‘Ideas and APIs’ tab on the ChallengePost site.

It’s time for your creativity

The deadline for submissions is February 11, so there’s still plenty of time left to enter. We hope you’ll bring your passion and insights to the challenge, and take part in this growing, patient-centered healthcare ecosystem.  We can’t wait to see your creations!

To learn more about the patient Engagement App Challenge including rules, requirements, and prizes, check out the Patient Engagement App Challenge on ChallengePost.


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