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Cholesterol Selfies

smartphone app cholesterol level

Smartphone App Uses Selfies to Check Your Cholesterol Level | mashable.com

Researchers from Cornell University have designed a smartphone accessory and app that allows users to monitor their own blood cholesterol levels.  All you need  is their attachment, a smartphone, a reagent test strip and a willingness to draw your own blood.  The researchers’ designed an attachment to be placed over the smartphone flash and camera that can illuminate and capture the color of the strip, rendering specialized equipment or a trip to the doctor’s office unnecessary. [Source: Mashable.]

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate Measures your Heart Rate with Your Phone’s Camera | Lifehacker.com

Instant Heart Rate is an app designed for Android phones that  allows you to read your heart rate by placing your finger over the camera. It will then turn on your camera’s LED to illuminate your finger and allow it to sense your heart rate. While it can’t be guaranteed to be as accurate as proper medical tools (and should not be used as such), it can get you in the ballpark. [Source: Lifehacker]



BioPen: A handheld 3d printer for surgeons | gizmag.com

A new BioPen developed at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia lets surgeons “draw” live cells and growth factors directly onto the site of an injury to help accelerate the regeneration of functional bone and cartilage. Instead of plastic filament, the BioPen extrudes cell material inside a biopolymer such as alginate, which is in turn encased in an outer layer of gel material. Both the outer and inner layers are combined in the pen head as it is extruded and the surgeon “draws” to fill in a section of damaged bone. [Source: Gizmag]

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