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Destination Discovery

Technology continues to play an important role in the clinical development process, by helping to increase access to clinical trial information online, and making that information easier to read and understand. It is also making it easier for individuals to a gain a broader understanding of the drug development process through websites, apps and interactive games.

Gamification focused on clinical research continues to emerge  as a way for individuals to learn more about the challenges and intricacies of bringing a drug to market in a way that’s entertaining and engaging. Recently, our friends at LillyPad, whose efforts are focused on public policy, Life at Lilly, and corporate responsibility, released an online game called Destination Discovery, designed to help players unravel the complex processes involved in developing new treatments.

The game is simple to play. In the introduction, players are briefly given some background information on the clinical drug development and discovery process. They are then given instructions, asked to select from six different characters, and encouraged to begin their journey! From there, he or she rolls the dice and moves forward on the board through the clinical drug development process, answering a question each turn. The questions are multiple choice and test players on various topics withing clinical drug development. After making a choice, the game shows the correct answer along with links to learn more about the topic.

As we’ve mentioned before in previous posts about gamification techniques, we like the idea of options being provided explore clinical research from the convenience of their computers and mobile devices. In order to reach those could benefit from clinical trials, we need to provide ways that they can gain a clearer understanding of the requirements, risks, and benefits of participation. Destination Discovery is an excellent example of how a creative approach can help provide needed information  in a fun and interactive way.


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  2. Good but pretty basic. My 15 year old thought I was playing candy land so recognizable. Once it’s developed further a potential fun resource for customers or patients…

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