We’re Moving! A New Home for Lilly COI’s Blog Reply

We're moving

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The Lilly Clinical Open Innovation (LCOI) blog, like much of the work we do in innovation, started as a thoughtful experiment. We believed that a blog would provide a great opportunity to openly explore clinical innovation topics and drive discussions around improving the patient experience. So in March of 2012, we launched the LCOI blog with the publication of our first post.

What was initially an experiment has turned into a wonderful and rewarding success! Since that first blog post over three years ago, we’ve published over 210 additional posts, while continuing to learn and evolve along the way. We’ve had many fantastic discussions with you, our audience, about how to improve the clinical trial experience for patients, meanwhile speeding innovation and scientific discovery. And we’re just getting started.

LCOI’s Next Phase

While considering the next phase of LCOI’s online presence, we decided it was time that the LCOI blog be housed with LillyPad, Lilly’s corporate blog. Once the migration is complete, you will be able to find all LCOI content, past and future, in LillyPad’s new Clinical Innovation section. Our Twitter handle will remain the same.

Greater integration with LillyPad will allow us expand our online presence and engage in more conversations. You’ll be able to learn not just about our efforts, but also about Lilly’s overall efforts in innovation, clinical trials, and discovery. And you will have two new platforms to do that — LillyPad’s Linkedin and Facebook pages.

This migration is also an important foundational element for beginning LCOI’s next chapter. As we shared in a recent blog post, LCOI has turned over the LCOI-API to TrialReach. With that transition successfully completed, we can now turn our attention to new and exciting projects. The LCOI blog will be an important part of these new projects, just as it has been for all of our prior projects. So our content will shift some to support the new direction of our work.

Though our web address is changing and our content focus will evolve, our overall commitment and approach remain the same. In fact, the parting words from our very first blog post in 2012 are still relevant to our current and future plans:

Finally, we invite you to join in the journey. We promise honesty, transparency and a passion to make drug development better. We ask the same of you and welcome your participation.

Stay Tuned!

Please join us at LillyPad when we launch there next week. To be notified of our new posts, please subscribe to our RSS feed. If you are an email subscriber, we encourage you to subscribe to posts via RSS. Email subscription is not currently an option on LillyPad, however we may add email subscription in the future. Stay tuned for updates from our Twitter and reach out if you have any questions.

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