Who we are

We’re a small group of Lilly employees coming from diverse educational and professional backgrounds in disciplines like pharmacy, philosophy, IT, English, sales and management.

We share the belief that drug development processes must improve, and that open innovation methods can be used to foster necessary changes.  We’re also  interested in working with patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, and IT professionals  to make a difference.

What we do

Our aim is to make public data about clinical trials  available in a number of useful formats. We develop prototypes for tools that generate, collect and curate public data in new ways in an effort  to advance clinical research.  We also work to build networks from which communities can emerge to share ideas and shape clinical capabilities for the future.  Our work is done in the open and made available to the public, free of charge.

Read our White Paper to find out more about our plan to reinvent invention through clinical open innovation.

Our current projects

Our  projects serve as a starting point. They are  intended to prove out value, generate knowledge and kindle innovation in clinical research.  We hope the work will inspire you to come up with new ideas that will have a positive impact on  how drugs are developed.

We invite you to help transform clinical development  for  patients, scientists, and drug developers alike. Visit our Application Lab to explore our projects and leave your feedback. Your knowledge and insights are key to adding value to our work as it progresses.

About Eli Lilly Company

We were founded by Eli Lilly in 1876, and are now the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. We have steadfastly remained independent, but not isolated. Across the globe, Lilly has developed productive alliances and partnerships that advance our capacity to develop innovative medicines at lower costs. Lilly is consistently ranked as one of the best companies in the world to work for, and generations of Lilly employees have sustained a culture that values excellence, integrity, and respect for people.


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  8. Seems like a decent idea, but it all seems one way – to patients but without their (our) input, except maybe taking advantage of any good ideas (deemed good by you all). I’ve been following you on twitter for a while. Is that the deal?

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