Who Is Jerry Matczak? 8

Jerry Matczak is the Community Manager for the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Team, responsible for connecting people to the team’s efforts. He has a BA in English & Philosophy from Allegheny College and a MS degree in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

His IT experience at Eli Lilly combined with a variety of sales, marketing and technology roles in startup and consulting environments provide a diverse set of experiences that help him join people & technology.  Jerry is equal part translator, sense-maker, community-builder and networker, with a common-sense understanding of technology and people.

You have degrees in English and Philosophy as well as Information Science. What ties those together?

In high school my friends and I did a lot of reading, talking and thinking – you know, solving the world’s problems in the basement. We had a strong bent towards the arts, humanities and academia, and, to some degree, a bit of disregard for business and the “real world.” So, I got my English and Philosophy degree and entered the workforce.  I worked multiple jobs in bars and restaurants, department stores, on a sound crew for Pittsburgh’s Department of Parks and Recreation, and for the University of Pittsburgh.

Then, I met some people enrolled in Pitt’s Information Science program. The program had a technology and information foundation, but required cognitive science and humanities credits to get in. I got interested, applied, and was accepted. I learned about technology and computer science, but more importantly I became attuned to the people aspect of information management. I started to see how information affects lives.