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John Wilbanks’ keynote presentation at the NFAIS 2012 includes a hand-drawn artifact image of the singular connection between the ancient IMP computer at UCLA and the Sigma 7 host computer. It is captioned “THE ARPA NETWORK SEPT 1969 1 NODE” and it represents the first-ever computer network.  1969.  Network.
John is Senior Fellow for the venerable Kauffman Foundation and a friend of LillyCOI, and has been talking a lot lately about networks – specifically, three types of networks and how they relate to a “new normal” in information sharing and use. We wanted to share some of his thoughts with you, and a few of our team’s challenges and dreams for the future.


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More Data!

NLM LogoU.S. National Library of Medicine API’s:

This is a list of the APIs from their various sub-organizations.  We currently use to serve up data to Clinical Collections, but this list lays out convenient opportunities for more data mashups.

Free GIS Data!

“As a PhD student working in Remote Sensing and GIS, I have spent a lot of time looking for free datasets that I can use in my research. All of the datasets below are free to use for academic and non-profit work, and don’t require any special academic registration, although most of them ask you to cite their papers/website. Some datasets will be free to use for commercial work too – please check the terms of use on each dataset’s website.”(PhD student Robin Wilson) More…

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We have a talented team with diverse interests.  We’d like to share are a few of the things that we found notable this past week.

Light Table funding snapshot from as of 11AM Friday June 1st.Light Table Project Reaches Goal, Takes on Python

Our open source fans were excited to see that Light Table reached the $300K mark in their Kickstarter initiative. What does this mean for them?  Out of the gate Python support for this open-core IDE project.

Open Source Ecology: Building a Global Village Construction Set

Highlighted this week on the Different Work book was the Open Source Ecology group’s work on DIY fabrication of the basic machines that support civilization. More…

What’s In A Datapalooza? Reply


“What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare aside, as Lilly COI gets close to attending our first “Datapalooza” – in this case The Health Datapolooza sponsored by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services – I find myself wondering what exactly a Datapalooza is, what we might expect, what we might contribute and what we might gain.  We’re absolute newbies, and look forward to learning from those with experience. More…