Clinical Collections Reply

At the heart of our open innovation approach is to make information easy to find, understand and use.  As we have written in our whitepaper, we want to enable people to consume, curate and connect on public data.  We have started with public clinical trial data.

Clinical Collections is an easy to use yet very powerful tool for viewing clinical studies on  We maintain a full replica of that is updated on a daily basis.  Through a simple search form, one can generate collections of trials.  NIH Sponsored TB Trials, Timeline ViewOnce the collection is generated, the user has transparency into the key fields and can quickly triage and filter the collection to the subset of interest.

Clinical Collections also provides dynamic views of the trial data.  Key views include summary, outcomes tables (great for comparing trial designs) as well as graphical timelines and map views.

Once one finds the right subset and view, Clinical Collections enables one to easily share the insights with others.  Through built-in sharing features, one can easily email or tweet the view to your colleagues.  When the recipient clicks on the associated link, they will be brought back to the same filtered set and view at the time of sharing.  There is minimal loss of context in the sharing process.

Map Mashup of TB Trial Site LocationsOur goal with Clinical Collections is to enable patients and clinical researchers to better understand the existing research and accelerate their own research.  This can come through identifying comparable trials, designs and operational plans such as country participation.   Here is a blog post on how to create your own collection.  See an applied example here.

With a look to the future, we have a number of plans for our Clinical Collections capability.  Next up will be the ability to establish a personal profile and associated personal collections.  You will be able to follow the collections, receiving alerts when something changes.  We’ll help you stay current on the research area of your interest.  We will also look to enable collections of other clinical objects besides trials.  From sites to publications, it is our desire to aid the researches to collect, consume, curate and connect with others on clinical objects.

We also want to hear from you as to what you would like for new capabilities.  While we have a set of plans ahead, we are very  interested in hearing your needs and uses cases that would advance clinical research.  Got an idea?  Please drop a comment or contact us.

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