App Lab: Ideas that Matter Reply

Lilly COI’s mission is to explore the possibilities of transforming drug development through open models of work. We regularly seek knowledge and insights from a wide range of people involved in the healthcare ecosystem,  because we believe that only a diverse range of perspectives will help us gain a true understanding of what patients and researchers need. With their valuable insights in mind, we are able to lay some groundwork for the development of solutions that make it easier to access information about clinical trials.

To this end, we are developing a series of exploratory prototypes. The prototypes leverage our open Lilly Clinical Innovation API (LCOI-API), and each focuses on different ways to leverage clinical trial information to benefit those who need it. We invite  you to take a look at these prototypes and share your thoughts about them in our Application Lab (App Lab).

Explore the App Lab

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In the App Lab, you can explore projects we’re working on, and share your thoughts on how we could improve them.

As you’re looking at the apps, ask yourself:

  • Does this make it easier for me to find information about clinical trials?

  • Would it be useful to me as participant in a clinical trial?

  • Would it be useful to me as the friend or family member of a person looking into clinical research as treatment option?

  • What additional features and/or fixes could make this better?