Meet Tyler Trueg 1

tyler trueg project lead lilly coi

Tyler Trueg is a project lead on the Patients 2 Trials Consortium, a collaboration among Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer aimed at helping patients match to clinical trials. He joined Lilly as part of the Lilly’s Visiting Scientist Fellowship, a program which allows doctoral graduates the ability to experience the drug development process and apply their expertise in a focused area within the organization.

Tyler’s experience in pharmacy and business, along with a passion for technology and disruptive innovation makes him a great addition to the Lilly COI team. While he is a scientist at heart, his entrepreneurial spirit drives him to find new ways to bring the patient’s perspective into clinical trial design. His overall mission is to help clinical trial teams better connect with patients through the use of technology and community engagement. You can follow him on Twitter @tylertrueg.