Knowledge Generation through Community Q & A Forums 2

“If two men each give one another an apple they still each have only one apple. But if each of them gives the other an idea, they each have two ideas.”
– George Bernard Shaw (paraphrased)


At Lilly COI, we are helping to create knowledge-generating communities around clinical research.  The internet was always intended to be a participative system, and the open clinical intelligence network we forsee is about open contribution making drug development better.  Our White Paper states clearly that one of the fundamental effects of open networks is the generation of new knowledge, and that the internet’s real power lies in its ability to allow people to quickly self-organize and engage in a number of ways.  Open Q & A forums provide one simple and powerful way to generate valuable knowledge.

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All the Medalists: Men’s 100-Meter Sprint

Fantastic info graphic on all the winners of the mens 100 meter dash over time. In honor of the games We Like this infographic from the NewYork Times showing the improvements in the 100 meter dash over the last century.  The results may surprise you.

The Big, Fat World of Lipids

Everything you want to know about Lipid MAPS, mechanics and these funny things called lipid rafts. More…

Welcome Gary Takher! 4

Gary Takher is a recent addition to the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation team. He is part of Lilly’s Visiting Scientist Fellowship Program, which is designed to allow recent doctoral graduates the ability to learn and apply their experiences in focused areas within the organization.

Gary brings scientific and business knowledge with him to the team, as well as some valuable new perspectives. Over the past 4 years, Gary has constructed healthcare models that seek to improve patient health outcomes while lessening their overall healthcare cost burden. Gary has a BS in Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and recently earned his executive MBA from California State University, Sacramento and his Pharm.D from California Northstate University. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Gary’s passion is to optimize patients’ health outcomes by coupling genuine engagement with expedient decision-making.

You have a unique educational background with a BS in Biochemistry, an MBA, and a Pharm. D. What motivated you to pursue this education path? More…

The Picture of Competition, Cooperation, and Innovation Reply

Maya Laurent and her husband Patrick run a small, online photography business.  Year-round, Maya shoots portraits of families, high school seniors and events, and the photos she produces are fresh and unique.  But for all of their uniqueness, the Laurents were well aware starting out that the business would be a microscopic fish in an ocean of well-seasoned professionals.

Conventional wisdom says that competition is one of the necessary ingredients for any thriving business: from time immemorial, the drive to win has always motivated business owners, resonating with something in the human psyche that does not like to be beaten.  New businesses, however, are understanding that openly sharing ideas in cooperative communities is essential to remain competitive.  The open and connected nature of the internet supports this trend.

Instead of pursuing their business goals in secret, the Laurents used a few established online social networks to find and share new ideas, and an amazing thing happened: their tiny business took off.  The couple had discovered and joined a matrix of like-minded people who support, encourage, and promote each other. More…