Meet Dave Crumbacher 4

David Crumbacher is the Tech Lead for the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Team, giving direction and guidance to a group of developers that, in his words, are “gifted, unique, and highly valued.”  Dave’s history at Eli Lilly and Company on the forefront of transformational technology is deep.  Dave joined Lilly after graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in computer science.  His contributions at Lilly have helped drug developers leverage leading technologies to innovate in the fight against disease.

Dave brings more than 20 years of experience in high performance computing and networking to Lilly Clinical Open Innovation.  From clustered VAX environments to today’s Internet-enabled cloud computing, Dave’s career has focused on helping scientists take advantage of computational and networking power.  He has a unique capacity for translation that few people have; he has a gift to share the  most complex technology with those who need to apply it.  It is a gift he attributes to patient coaching from his earliest days at Lilly.  But it may go further back than that.

You have a unique ability to describe the most technical aspects of your work for people.  Where did you get that?

I grew up in a small mid-western town where my dad ran a TV repair shop.  In those days, TV technology was a mystery to a lot of people, but my father was the kind of man who took the time to explain to his customers what was going on with their set, and what he could do to fix it for them.  I think that his ability to do that must have rubbed off on me at an early age.