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Innovation and Data – Jeffrey Hammerbacher

Heart Gadgets Test Privacy-Law Limits

A recent swell of digital-medical data collected on devices outside of a doctor’s office is raising some thorny questions: Who owns the rights to a patient’s digital footprint and who should control that information? WSJ’s Linda Blake reports.

From virus to viral: Researchers explore social media as preventative method for infectious diseases

MANHATTAN — When it comes to stopping illness, social media posts and tweets may be just what the doctor ordered. More…

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6 billion-dollar hand blows our minds

The BeBionic 3 is the most advanced bionic hand in the world. Nigel Ackland, who lost his right hand in an accident, shows off what it can do.

mdot – build a website from your iphone

Simple templates can create a website right from your iphone!  Choose the templates, components, and add descriptions, logos and other identifying information to build your custom website.

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