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Careers advice from Nobel Prizewinners

Advice and thoughts from the Nobel collective for a younger generation of scientists and researchers.  Humility, the importance of mentors and taking risks are notable topics form the Laureates interviewed in this piece.

Numerate’s Drug Design Platform Scales to 10,000+ Cores Using Spot Instances

We connected with Numerate through the Sage Congress and follow their blog.  This post describes how Numerate allows for large scale data analysis through its open-source distributed framework, Numatix.

NYC is Turning Payphones into Wi-Fi Hotspots

New York City launches a pilot program of 10 payphone to explore their second life as wi-fi hotspots.

Trello Project Visualization

Simple elegant design. Clean Interface. Your project visualized.

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What is the PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials?

PLoS hub logo

The PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials collects PLoS journal articles that relate to clinical trials. The Hub is a site for researchers to share their views and build a dynamic, interactive community.

The PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials features articles originally published in PLoS Clinical Trials, along with articles from all the PLoS titles that publish clinical trials.

In the future, it will also feature open-access articles from other journals plus user-generated content.” More…

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We have a talented team with diverse interests.  We’d like to share are a few of the things that we found notable this past week.

Light Table funding snapshot from Kickstarter.com as of 11AM Friday June 1st.Light Table Project Reaches Goal, Takes on Python

Our open source fans were excited to see that Light Table reached the $300K mark in their Kickstarter initiative. What does this mean for them?  Out of the gate Python support for this open-core IDE project.

Open Source Ecology: Building a Global Village Construction Set http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/

Highlighted this week on the Different Work book was the Open Source Ecology group’s work on DIY fabrication of the basic machines that support civilization. More…