A Chat With Tom Krohn 9

Tom Krohn is the Business Lead for the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Team. Tom’s career began as a practicing pharmacist.

His experiences in building and eventually serving as GM of the largest healthcare organization in Madagascar shaped his frame of reference, as he realized that healthcare was not only about delivering much-needed treatment and medicine, but also about logistics, business models, and the accessibility of information.

In this interview, Tom tells us the story of how his “personal passion and commitment to use my talents to serve the marginalized of society” was shaped over time – and how this passion can be realized through his work in clinical open innovation.

You have a varied and interesting background: You’ve been a pharmacist, a CFO then GM for the largest healthcare organization in Madagascar, you have experience in an IT organization… How did that evolution happen?

The experience in Madagascar showed me a lot about what information systems and appropriate uses of technology could do for healthcare – both to help get things done and, especially, to empower the people doing the work.