Rahlyn Gossen’s Unique Perspective On Clinical Trials 1

Rahlyn GossenWe’re privileged to be working with Rahlyn Gossen, founder of Rebar Interactive, a digital strategy consultancy serving the clinical research industry. Rebar Interactive creates empowering (and award-winning) digital experiences for patients and professionals. Rahlyn’s digital marketing expertise spans a variety of areas, including search, social media, and mobile. Her work is infused with a patient-centric perspective, honed during Rahlyn’s time as a clinical research coordinator.

Rahlyn publishes a widely-read clinical trial blog and newsletter focusing on digital strategy, the patient experience, and innovation. The same topics are explored in 140 characters or less on Rebar Interactive’s Twitter account. Rahlyn also serves on the editorial advisory board of Applied Clinical Trials. Rahlyn is a proud New Orleanian and a connoisseur of cute online animal videos, particularly those of the feline variety.  

Tell me a little bit about yourself, and the path you’ve been on to make clinical research better.


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The key to better health care may already be in your pocket… and it’s not your wallet

It happened on flight from Washington, DC to San Diego.

The pilot’s urgent question reverberated over the intercom during a cross country flight, “Is there a doctor on board?” A passenger was experiencing severe chest pains, and luckily for him Dr. Eric Topol was sitting in seat 6A.

Topol is the energetic chief academic officer of Scripps Health, a prominent cardiologist and the foremost figure in the field of wireless medicine. He believes the future of health lies in our own hands, namely in our smart phones and other portable electronic devices.  According to Topol, “the smart phone will be the hub of the future of medicine.  And it will be your health-medical dashboard.”


Meet Subject #0008: A Patient Perspective On Clinical Trials 18

The following blog post is by Jeri Burtchell.

Jeri is a renowned patient advocate, with first-hand experience participating in clinical trials. Her ideas, passion and willingness to share via her blog and in speaking engagements help to clarify how clinical research works, its value, and where there needs to be further focus on the needs of the patient.  

The opinions expressed by Jeri are her own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Lilly COI Team.

Subject #0008

In mid 2007 I laid on my back staring at the ceiling, trying to talk myself out of suicide. After eight years of battling multiple sclerosis I was sure there was no hope of ever seeing an improvement in my quality of life. The thought of my family’s certain sorrow over my tragic death forced me to find an alternative. I pushed myself to make one last effort at self-advocacy and hopefully change my life. I was ready to entertain drastic measures.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeri Burtchell, but from 2007 until 2011 I was also known as Subject #0008. More…

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Heart Gadgets Test Privacy-Law Limits

A recent swell of digital-medical data collected on devices outside of a doctor’s office is raising some thorny questions: Who owns the rights to a patient’s digital footprint and who should control that information? WSJ’s Linda Blake reports.

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