Mobile Health, Wireless Data and the Future of Clinical Trials 2

Health-related smartphone apps

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When we talk to patients about the challenges they face while participating in clinical trials, they tell us that it can be difficult to integrate the study’s requirements into their everyday lives. Providing the amounts and types of data that researchers need for a study can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, especially when it requires manually filling out journal or log book with details about side effects, vital signs, diet, exercise, treatment efficacy and more.

Significant solutions to these problems will likely come from re-thinking clinical trial design with patients’ needs in mind. But, short-range wireless data transmission technologies—like Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth—can help us to take steps in the right direction.

The healthcare industry is seeing growth in the number of health devices that offer wireless and mobile connectivity. One application of these devices focuses on transferring data about patients to a doctor or health care provider in an effort to manage disease.  Additional potential exists for wireless and mobile devices to be used to make clinical trial participation more efficient, and thereby more convenient, for patients.


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Track how you feel between doctor visits with the Symple App

The Symple app for iPhone allows patients to track their daily symptoms and the factors that influence those symptoms–like a new medication, yoga, or going gluten-free–between doctor visits. They can also create a visual diary of their condition and build a list of questions to ask their doctors. We think it seems like a great tool to help patients take control of their health. A similar app could be handy for researchers in collecting data and reports from clinical trial participants, and could make participation easier and more convenient for volunteers.

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