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Tom Krohn recently wrote about our efforts to share more useful clinical trial site contact information with the public on  Many of you—as a patients, caregivers, researchers, or curious citizen scientists—may have already visited to explore clinical trials. But, for those who haven’t, or for those who would just like know more, we thought it might be helpful to look into the site’s origins and intentions with our latest infographic.


Tech helping speed clinical development: “human body on a chip” Reply

At Lilly COI, we come to work every day with intent to make a difference by using our knowledge of clinical practices, belief in the power of Open Innovation and a commitment to leverage open input and data to help bring solutions to help all stakeholders in drug development. Our audience includes clinicians, academics, patient advocates, patient researchers and citizen scientists.

We’ve said before that drug development is too costly and at times inefficient. Also – how can drugs be developed to serve the needs of patients? This is why a new project caught our attention – let’s explore.

Researchers at MIT have begun a project to build human tissue simulators, aka “a human body on a chip’. The outcome could mean more efficient drug testing and bringing new pharmaceuticals to market faster. More…