Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Clinical Trials 1

International Clinical Trials Day, Ok to Ask

Staff at the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit (UK) celebrate International Clinical Day in 2013. |

Through our research on the recently released Preferences and Perceptions in Clinical Research infographic, we learned that while 52 percent of patients would prefer to get information about clinical trials from their primary physician, only 20 percent actually do.

Whether you find out about clinical trials through a healthcare provider or on your own through Internet sleuthing, it’s important to talk to your primary care physician or specialist before making the final decision to join a trial. On their website, the Alzheimer’s Association points out that your doctor might be uniquely qualified to give advice on whether participating in a clinical trial might be right for you, since he or she knows both you and your condition. They can also help you collect all the specific details about your health—clinical diagnosis, tests used to make the diagnosis, current and past treatments, etc.—that will help you more easily find a clinical trial that matches your particular situation.