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We should only work 25 hours per week, argues professor

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When you’re 20, you would rather spend more time with your friends. When you’re 35, you want time with your kids. But then when you reach 70, you have far too much time on your hands…

Clay Shirky on what makes open source communities work


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6 billion-dollar hand blows our minds

The BeBionic 3 is the most advanced bionic hand in the world. Nigel Ackland, who lost his right hand in an accident, shows off what it can do.

mdot – build a website from your iphone

Simple templates can create a website right from your iphone!  Choose the templates, components, and add descriptions, logos and other identifying information to build your custom website.

AccrualNet by the National Cancer Institute


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Big week for Data

Brought to book
Academic journals face a radical shake-up

Britain and the EU open data for taxpayer financed research.

A revolution, then, has begun. Technology permits it; researchers and politicians want it.

figshare and F1000 research shake up traditional academic publishing format

Research Articles go live with their associated data. Is this the future of academic publishing?

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Careers advice from Nobel Prizewinners

Advice and thoughts from the Nobel collective for a younger generation of scientists and researchers.  Humility, the importance of mentors and taking risks are notable topics form the Laureates interviewed in this piece.

Numerate’s Drug Design Platform Scales to 10,000+ Cores Using Spot Instances

We connected with Numerate through the Sage Congress and follow their blog.  This post describes how Numerate allows for large scale data analysis through its open-source distributed framework, Numatix.

NYC is Turning Payphones into Wi-Fi Hotspots

New York City launches a pilot program of 10 payphone to explore their second life as wi-fi hotspots.

Trello Project Visualization

Simple elegant design. Clean Interface. Your project visualized.