Contesting TB 2

A quick nod to the Stop TB Partnership and it’s New Drug Working Group, who have put together the Innovate TB (inTB) Contest.  inTB gathers videos, photos and write-ups that tell stories of innovation focused on the fight against TB.

Here’s our TB Commons entry along with a few others that have caught my eye:

TB Commons

TB Commons is our notion of a disease commons, where those interested in advancing clinical research on TB can access data using our Clinical Collection tool.  In addition, a powerful Answers Forum serves as a place to share collections of trials, and generate knowledge related to TB research.  Give it a try!

The Delft Youth Theatre for Health Group

The Delft Youth Theatre for Health Group raises awareness through performances of “Bad News? Good News!” in an Afrikan community.  No lights, camera, props or trained actors needed – just everyday people learning about and sharing valuable information to fight disease, and having some fun doing it. More…

World TB Day 1

March 24 is World TB Day. Tuberculosis is a disease that we only hear about occasionally, yet according to the Bill & Gates Foundation, every 20 seconds someone dies from TB. And, it’s getting worse. Resistance to standard treatments is growing and is spreading globally. Its impact on patients and communities is devastating, as powerfully captured by photojournalist James Nachtwey available on

But there is hope.

Join us in saluting the efforts of international collaboration to accelerate new regimens of TB medicine and vaccines. The new drug pipeline looks promising and collaborative efforts such as Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens are leading the way for new combination research. More…